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Janet (Kessing) Smith



Mary Ann Kidwell
112 42nd ST.


Roscoe Kidwell

2963 S. Mountain Ledge Dr.
St. George, Utah 84790



James Kinderdine


David King
10733 HEMPLE RD.

After high school, I worked at various jobs, then spent 4 years in the military, including one year in Vietnam. After discharge, I worked at General Motors for 31 years, retiring in December of 1998. I have been married 21 years; have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. One of my greatest pleasures over the past years has been the opportunity to travel. Because of my wife, Pam's, involvement with Christmas Around The World, we have traveled to 15 countries throughout the world

Ronald Kuhn
DAYTON, OH 45439


In September of 1963,I married Jackie Ward and we will celebrate our 37thl anniversary this year. I served two years in the Army from 1966-1968. After basic training, I spent a year in Vietnam in an artillery unit. Upon returning home, I started working at Production Control Units, Inc. in 1969.I am still there as a supervisor in the assembly dept. and am looking forward to retirement in about a year.

Jackie and I have 2 children; a son, Scan, and a daughter, Danielle. Scan is 29 years old and has served in the Army for he past 10 1/2 years at the rank of Sergeant. He has a 6-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son. Danielle is 26 and is teaching 1st grade at Clinton-Massie Elementary School in Clarksville, Ohio.

My hobbies are family outings, car shows and Nascar racing. Currently, I am involved in helping my son restore two 1968 Chevy Impala.

Stella (Lambert) Buchholzer



Louetta (Land) Booth


The last five years have gone by in a hurry.  I left Mound Laboratory after 36 years and went to work at LexisNexis.  I work in the Purchasing Department.  My son Robert, his wife Melissa and their three daughters have moved to Cleveland from Minnesota.  It is great being able to visit my three granddaughters more often.  Chloe is 6, Julia is 3 and Lilly just turned one. My daughter Renee lives in Miamisburg with her fiancé.   I am sure the next five years will pass as quickly.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the Reunion.



Wilma (Large) Gibson
DAYTON, OH 45414


James "Jim" Light
211 Overlook Loop
Somerville, TX  77879-3219


Retired residential building and remodeling contractor.  Son James II is nano-chemist in San Diego, son David is enrolled in doctoral program at WVU in Morgantown, WV, daughter Elizabeth is office manager for a custom homebuilder in Montrose. CO.  Five grandchildren, three girls and 2 boys, ages 11, 4, 3, 2, 1.
My father's three acres are now Omietanski Park in Miami Township. 

Sharon (Livingston) Brown
4201 Brenau Ave. Apt #1
Kettering, OH 45429 everyone else has said....50 years !!!

After high school, I spent a year at Miami Valley Hospital School of Nursing. Thinking back, I'm sure I wasn't mature enough to accept the responsibility of the lives of the patients I cared for, plus my dad got sick and I decided to quit and come home. I went to work at Dayton Steel Foundry in their Accounting Dept and spent the next 5-6 years there. In 1963 I married Don Hansen and in 1966 he was transferred to the Philadelphia area. We spent two years there during which time our son Doug was born. Then it was off to the Akron area for two years where our daughter Deborah was born. And, again, after two years it was moving time again...this time to the Detroit area.  I've said before that I made a career out of moving and I believe these early years of moving every couple years was the precursor to this part of my life. However, Don and I did stay in Michigan for 10 or 11 years, I think, but in three different houses. In 1979 we moved to Centerville and were there until we divorced in 1989.

During the ten years in the Centerville area, I decided it was time to go back to school and did finally get my Associate Degree in Nursing from Kettering College of Medical Arts in 1983.  Kettering Hospital became like a second home to me and after working in several different areas, I found the specialty that I loved and really seemed to fit.  I became an Endoscopy Nurse assisting the Gastroenterologists with the procedures and basically taking care of the patients and the unit  Shortly after my divorce, one of the doctors I worked with was also involved in a divorce and we consoled each other, eventually found we had a lot in common and married. We probably married on the rebound, as they say, and even though it should have worked, it didn't and we divorced in 1992.

I've been single since then.  I worked for a while, traveled with my friends and basically enjoyed life.  I'm now involved with my sewing and quilting and read a lot.  I've always been an avid reader and that has been something I've totally enjoyed.  I'm trying to make a quilt for our class reunion with all the classmates names embroidered on it along with some other surprises.  I sure hope I get it finished...I should have started much sooner that I did.  As I've been doing this, and checking names in the Mirus, it has brought back many great memories and funny happenings from our high school years.  They were so great.  We have such a wonderful class and I look forward to seeing all of you that can make it in June.

Sharon Livingston Brown

Nancy (McCreary) Stumm
1405 50th St. N.
St. Petersburg, FL. 33710



Juanita (Long) Petticrew


Forty-five years!  Doesn’t seem possible.  That’s a lot of living to reduce to a few short sentences.  Well, here goes.  I married Walter “Butch” Reed in March of the year we graduated.  He had joined the Air Force and on the night of graduation I left by train to join him in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  After a brief three-month stay there, Butch was transferred to Goose-Bay, Labrador for a year and a half and I returned to Miamisburg area where our two sons, Douglas and Steven were born.  After Butch left the Air Force we lived in the New Lebanon area for three years until he landed a position in the aircraft industry at Hill Air Force Base in Clearfield, Utah.  We moved to Clearfield and there our daughter, Kari-Dawn, was born.  We loved living in the mountains and enjoyed the outdoors and did a lot of camping and fishing in mountain streams and lakes.

Butch got word from a close friend back in New Lebanon that he was going to open his own business in auto body work and wanted Butch to join him in the venture.  We packed up and moved back to New Lebanon where we purchased our first new home.  The business venture didn’t work out, so Butch took a job with Dayton Tire and Rubber.  In 1972 he was diagnosed with cancer and died in 1974.

 I was left with three children to raise and hadn’t worked outside the home since graduation where I was employed by E.F. McDonald in Dayton.  After the panic subsided I took a part-time job with the New Lebanon School District and with training became a Learning Disability aid and instructor.

 We, my three kids and I, managed to keep our home and return to a normal life.  It was on Easter Sunday in 1976 that my mother invited me and the kids to go to Easter services at her church, St. John’s in Miamisburg.  That Sunday Gary was assisting in serving Communion and the rest is history.  He was divorced and raising his two sons, Eric and Michael.  After two dates we decided to get the kids together at my house for a cook-out to see how they would get along.  They hit it off great.  In fact too good— that afternoon my neighbor complained of too much commotion at the house.   On June, 19, 1976, Gary and I were married.  I put my house up for sale and moved to his home on Oak Knoll Circle in Miamisburg.

 I thought about going back to work as an LD aid and contacted the Miamisburg School District.  They were more than happy to bring me in as a “volunteer.”  I decided against it and with five kids to keep track of I became a full-time secretary-archivist at our church. 

 After a few years on Oak Knoll Circle, Gary and I decided we needed a larger place and bought the “Fox” home on Linden Avenue next to the back entrance to Harmon Field.  It was a rambling three-story home with plenty of room for the seven of us.  We lived there for twenty-one years and loved it.  All of our grandchildren played in the creek that runs through the yard, flew their kites on Harmon Field and took long walks with Grandma and Grandpa to the Diary Queen and parks in Miamisburg.  It is strange but to many Miamisburg’ers our home remains the “Fox” place and not the “Petticrew” house.  I guess you have to live in Miamisburg for a VERY long time before your name sticks!

 After our kids entered high school, I continued as secretary at St. John’s and volunteered at Sycamore Hospital.  Later I decided to go back to work full-time and worked as a secretary for Omnivision, a then, new, satellite TV business in Miamisburg.  It struggled along for a while but couldn’t compete with cable TV in the area.  I left Omnivision and became Office Manager for Parson’s Construction Company in Moraine City.  I worked there for several years until I suffered a stroke.  I continued with Parson’s until a second stronger stroke hit me and my doctor insisted that I retire.

 Since then Gary and I have moved again.  After making up our minds that it was too much work to keep the old house going, we decided to find a one-floor, lower-maintenance home.  And we found one on South Linden Avenue where we now live. It just happened to be next door to our son Eric and daughter-in-law, Joy.  Seems we’ve moved three times and can’t get off Linden Avenue!

 Since we moved I became active in Miamisburg’s Historical Society as a Board member and chair of the Historic Research and Resource Committee housed in the old Market Square Building in Miamisburg.  The HRRC manages the archives, displays and gift shop for the Society.  Next time you are in Miamisburg, stop by for a visit.  We are open on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 1 to 4 pm.

Anthony Lovelace


Deceased 7-4-2012

Judith (Lucas) Woods


Carolyn Ludwig



Sharon (Malone) Shumway
DAYTON, OH 45430

David and I will celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary in July. Our son, Jeff, is married and has two daughters. We enjoy being grandparents! Our daughter, Allyn, is the Regional Manager for Finley Jewelers. I am a psychologist for Miamisburg Schools and David is a partner at Virtual Simulation and Training since taking an early retirement from Wright Patterson AFB. We enjoy traveling, browsing antique stores and going to flea markets. Dancing is also one of our hobbies (ballroom, Latin and country western). We have a lakefront condo at Norris Lake in TN and enjoy floating around on our pontoon and relaxing in the sun.

David and I are both retired and our biggest decision of the day seems to be where to eat lunch and where to walk.  :)  We do some volunteering at the Schuster/Victoria Theater and Mount Saint John/Bergamo.  I join some friends every Wednesday for a movie at The Greene.  Have to take advantage of the senior special.  Traveling has been fun for us.  We spend two weeks in Florida every winter to get a break from the Ohio weather.  Our favorite trip was a Grand Princess cruise to the Mediterranean and Greek Islands.  It started in Venice and ended in Rome with stops in Dubrovnik, Turkey (Ephesus), Athens (Acropolis/Parthenon) and several beautiful Greek Islands.  Lots of wonderful memories.

We feel very blessed to be able to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the lifestyle that is so much fun for us.  We wish the same for all of you!


Elizabeth "Betsy" (Manning) Zink
202 NORTH AVE. #243



 Since we have been married almost as long as we have been graduated from MHS, we

have to send a dual update. We’ll do it by decades.



Years of having daughters, April,1963; Becky, 1964; and Melanie, 1970. Years of going to Miami Valley Hospital School of Nursing (Betsy), only because Jack was willing to work 3 jobs and take care of kids while Betsy studied. Era of cheap vacations, (camping);

and cheap eating out (going to our parents’ houses on Sunday). We bought our first home (new) for $18,300.



Decided to move to Colorado where the sun shines 300 days a year and the air is clear.

Sold the house & moved to Monument (between Denver & Colorado Springs) in 1974.

Jack was the Fire Chief in Monument, Betsy was a surgical nurse in Colorado Springs.

In 1978 we moved to Glenwood Springs, CO. This is a small town with a culture similar

to Miamisburg. All the girls graduated from high school there. We learned to ski &

had a family pass to the local ski area for many years, also to the large outdoor hot springs




Jack was a ski technician and instructor for several years, also was an EMT and ER

Assistant at the local hospital. Then was Maintenance Manager at Colorado Mountain College. Betsy was an RN in surgery, and the Director of Nursing at Valley View Hospital.

These were the years of daughters’ weddings, 4 grandchildren, building 2 homes, and a lot of great vacations. Our daughter April graduated from nursing school in Colorado Springs.



Added 4 more grandchildren this decade for a total of 5 grandsons and 3 granddaughters.

Left Glenwood in 1992 to begin a life of travel & work. Betsy could get agencies to find short-term nursing assignments at hospitals all over the US. Jack found jobs wherever we landed, he’s a “Jack of all trades”. We mostly stayed in the eastern & southern US, and did a 6-month stint on St. Thomas USVI. When we completed 3 years of the travel life we relocated to Grand Junction CO, on the very west border of Colorado. Betsy worked at St. Mary’s hospital, in surgery, and Jack worked for Office Depot. We bought a 35 acre piece of heaven in the mountains and Jack built us a cabin. And, of course, lots more really great vacations.



Jack retired from work in 2002 and Betsy started working for the travel agencies again. This time we went to the southwest and northwest US. Betsy retired completely from working in 2007. We keep finding new & wonderful places for vacations. Did a 2 ½ month trip to Alaska in the summer of 2007. We bought a piece of property in Belize & built a beach “cabana” where we spent 6 winters out of the snow & cold. However in 2009 we decided that we really didn’t want to be in the same place each year. So now we have a motor home & plan to go to different areas to find warm weather each winter.

Two of our grandchildren are married & in 2009 we added a great-grandson and great-granddaughter to our family. April’s daughter will get her degree in nursing this year, which will make 3 generations of RN’s.


We have loved our life, as much as each other. No regrets, wouldn’t change a thing.

Patricia "Pat" (Marsh) Kuhn



Robert "Bob" McAfee
5246 Dahlia



Lois (McClure) Dempsey
1214 LAS O LAS DR.


It's been a great 63 years!  I'm in a happy place in my life in Miamisburg, Ohio.  I still have 3 children and 6 grand kids now.  Five boys and one girl that gets a lot of attention.  Zero husband, and I'm just fine with that.  I still volunteer with the Miamisburg Spring Fling Festival it's our 25th anniversary this May.  I am working as a secretary at the new Moraine Community charter school.   Every day is an adventure with 200 students K-12.  There is never a dull moment.  In January I was elected chair of the Baum Opera House Assoc. (the old Junior Hall on 1st St.).  We have a resident theater group and do rentals for wedding parties and other receptions.  This is challenging and rewarding.  Hope to spend some time this summer at my cottage on Higgins Lake, Michigan.  It is always fun and exhilarating in the brisk northern waters.  Hope to see a lot of you soon.

Russell McGuire
2161 PEKIN RD.



Carol (Medlar) Houck


 After graduating from Miami University in 1964 with a BA in French, I spent a year in France on a Fulbright scholarship, studying at the University of Poitiers. When I returned to the USA, I started teaching French in Kettering, and I am still at it. This is my 35th year. I am currently at Kettering Fairmont High School where I also serve as Foreign Language Department Chair as well as tech French. This June, actually during the reunion, another teacher and I are taking 21 of our students to France. I have been very active in the Kettering Education Association over the years, holding every office from building rep to negotiating team member for our teacher contracts to president. In fact, I was president when the Kettering teachers went on strike 9 years ago, but that is a whole other story to share some day.

I was married fro 15 years. After my divorce, I returned to Miami to work on a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Supervision. I have one son, Brad, who graduates this May from Miami University with a degree in Accounting and Finance. Having Ben and raising him is the best and most rewarding thing I have done in my life, period! I have lived in Springboro for 25 years. Both of my parents have died since our last reunion, so it's just me and Ben and a couple of cats now. I am looking forward to retiring from teaching in another year or two, maybe sooner.



Phyllis "Jean" (Method) Hogan
1324 WISE DR.


I still live in Miamisburg.  I have been divorced since 1978.  I have 5 children (4 girls and 1 boy), and 5 grandchildren.(3 boys and 2 girls). In December of 2004, I retired from a part time job at Sears after 24 years of service.  I had been the cashier and did the deposits at the Dayton Mall store.  I still work at SBC where I have 28 years service.

Janet (Moomaw) Morris
1818 Brandonhall Dr.
Miamisburg, OH. 45342

In 1993, my husband, Carl Morris (Moose-Class of 1957) retired from GM and we moved from Louisville, KY, where I was a sales representative for NCR, to Fort Myers, FL.   I retired in 1997 after 32 years of service so we decided to "travel and see the world."   We lived in Puerto Santa Maria, Spain for two years while Carl worked for GM all over Europe.  After that, we lived in Costa Rica, as well as Buenos Aires, Argentina for another two years.  We love Argentina and continue to go back to visit our friends there. 
Carl has two sons, and one daughter in the Dallas, TX area.   We have one eleven-year-old granddaughter in Van Alstyne, Texas and she is a junior Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  
We also have a seven-year-old grandson in Fort Worth, TX, so we are living in Brownsville, TX to be near all of the family while Carl is doing engineering consulting in Matamoros, Mexico.  If you are ever in this area, please stop by and see us.  I still get back to the Burg every year because my two sisters and my Mom, who is 93, are still living there.   I love seeing everyone at the breakfasts when I am home and cannot believe we will be celebrating 50 years before long, because I still feel 16.

William "Bill" Moore
DAYTON, OH 45432


 I started working in accounting at NCR in 1968 after graduating from Miami U and doing a hitch in the Navy. I met my wife, Mary Lou, at NCR and we married in 1970. She had 3 daughters from a previous marriage and we added a fourth girl. They are all married and we now have 6 grandchildren. I took an early retirement from NCR in 1993 and then spend two years of consulting there on the pre-Y2K inventory accounting systems. Since then, Mary Lou and I have been delivering weekly grocery ads in East Dayton, West Carrrollton, Miamisburg and Centerville. We now deliver telephone directories as well and enjoy the temporary, part-time jobs. It allows us time to go RV camping, which we enjoy.

Beverly "Bev" (Morningstar) Myers
1223 OPAL AVE.


 Sadly, after 46 years of marriage, Donnie passed away from Alzheimer's Disease in April 2009. With the help of my children, grandchildren and many wonderful friends, I am managing to pick up the pieces.

I left my job in September 2008 after working as a R.N. for 45 years to take care off Donnie.  We have two sons, Brad and Byan - both of whom are teachers at Miamisburg. Brad played college football on scholarship at U.K. and Bryan played college football on scholarship at O.U. When Brad was a senior at U.K. and Bryan was a sophomore at O.U. they played they played each other! Now that was a great experience. We have traveled everywhere in the name of football! 

Brad's wife, Julie is a pediatrician and Internal Medicine physician. They have 3 sons Zack, 16, Brett 13 and Joshua 11.  Bryan's wife Karla is also a teacher at Miamisburg.  They have 2 sons Jackson 8, Peyton 6, and our only granddaughter Ashtya 5.  Bryan has 2 sons from a previous marriage Blake 15 and Jansen who is deceased.  Sadly Jansen was murdered as a result of child abuse at the age of 2 ½ by his mother's boyfriend.  We have a child abuse foundation in his name.

We are all very aware of the need to cherish each day and never take life for granted.  I am loving retirement, working on the reunion committee and renewing old friendships! Hope to see everyone there!

Sue (Morningstar) Heffner
DELAND, FL 32720



Carroll Myers



Ruby Mulberry



Richard Myers



Joyce (Nolley) Horner
2189 Parkwyn Drive
Miamisburg, OH  45342


Hello fellow classmates.  Sorry I won't be able to attend the Class Reunion, as I will be returning that weekend from a trip to Washington, DC.  I retired from Dayton Superior Corporation after 23 years, but still go back occasionally to help out on special projects. 


I'm really enjoying retirement and recently moved into a new house in Miamisburg.  My only child, David, is just finishing up a 2-1/2 year tour with the Peace Corps in Guatemala and will returning home around May 5 to continue schooling and work with the National Park Service.  I'm still single, but have been seeing Tom Sharritts (Class of '56) for some time now.  I'll close by saying I've truly been blessed with good health, good friends and, hopefully, the chance to see you at our next Class Reunion.



Not a whole lot has changed for me over the last few years.  I am officially retired from Dayton Superior Corporation headquartered in Miamisburg, but continue to fill in there occasionally.  My son, David, is in law enforcement with the National Park Service and currently works in St. John, Virgin Islands.

Tom Sharritts (MHS Class of '56) and I are still enjoying each other's company and try to do as much traveling as possible.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at our 50th Class Reunion


Dennis Nunery