71-Beverly Morningstar, Mary Ann Hamilton Kidwell and Cynthia Smith Naylor

72-Ann Anderson and Mary Ann Hamilton Kidwell

73-Bev Morningstar, and Bobbi Bowling

74-Bonnie Goodwin Van Zant, Suzanne Boyd Quayle and Lynn Chamberlin Miller

75-Gary Fitzwater

76-Bobbie Bowling Zink

77-Carol Toms Curp and Cindy Wilson Lloyd

78-Sandy Stephen Baver

79-Sharon Livingston Brown and Ed Edgerton

80-Ann Anderson and Kaarn Weaver Gray

81-Ted and Kathy Boomershine, and Don and Harriett Johnson

82-Diana and Gary Wade

83-Bonnie Goodwin, Ann Anderson and Bev Morningstar

84-Connie Reece March and Gary Wade

85-Bobby Bowling Zink, Sandy De Hart Brest, Lynn Chamberlin Miller, and Bev Morningstar Myers


86-Bobby Bowling Zink, Sandy De Hart Brest, Lynn Chamberlin Miller, and Bev Morningstar Myers

87-Ann Anderson and Mary Ann Hamilton Kidwell

88- Kay Jones Johnson and husband, Ken

89-Bonnie Goodwin Van Zandt, Suzanne Boyd Quayle and Lynn Chamberlin Miller

90-Ann Anderson and John Fornshell

91-Bev Morningstar Myers and Kaarn Weaver Gray

92-Darlene Hoops Andes and Rosalie Hoops Bernard

93-Janet Moomaw Morris, Cynthia Smith Naylor, and Jim Clawson

94-Judy Schoenberger Wuerstl, Janet Kessing Smith, and Sharon Allen Zakar

95-MHS Colors, Blue and White

96-A favorite teacher! Nell Whalen Ross and her husband, Don

97-Our beloved MHS

98-Our DJ, Anthony Wade and his wife, Jennifer

99-Rollie and Bonnie Zink

100-Sharon Pierce Vardi

101-The Frisch's group!

Sharon Allen, Lois McClure, Joyce Nolley, Sandy Countryman, Sue Barry, Betsy Manning, Sharon Livingston. Missing are:  Donna Hottle and Judy Eshbaugh.(All maiden names)

102-Sandy Stephen Baver, Sandy De Hart Brest, Bobbie Eshbaugh Wilkins, and on the right is Brooke Rose St. Myers

103- Cynthia Smith Naylor, Danial Bravard, Ted Boomershine and Larry Sharp on right

104-Lennie and Pat Marsh Kuhn and Teri Stalder

105-Judy Hammon Scarborough, John Zimmerman, Ann Anderson

106-Sharon Pierce Vardi and Jane Coffey Peace

107-Iola Hale, Sharon Allen Zakar, Lynn Chamberlin Miller, Darleen Hoops Andes and Roy Baver

108-Jim Kinderdine (On left-hidden), Mary Amsler Chabot, Marcia Redrick Indalecio

109-Bill Stalder

110-Sue Craiger Baker, Mary and Hank Gustin, Sharon Allen Zakar and Betsy Manning Zink

111-Ron and Cynthia Smith Naylor

112-Stan Bernard getting Hula Hoop lessons from Linda Turner

113-Which way are we supposed to look?

114-???, Harriett and Don Johnson

115-Suzanne Boyd, Ted Boomerahine and Harriett Johnson

116-Diana and Gary Wade, and Ron Smith(Cynthia's husband)

117-This microphone is the same one I used when I was elected Class President in the 1st grade!

118-Ted Boomershine, Ed Egerton, Stan Bernard, Don Johnson


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